We are a network of human beings

immersed in digital communication

Starting stations

We belong to several generations. From the one that saw the birth of the web, fell madly in love with it and immersed in it from the first moment. To the one that opened the way, not yet twenty, to the social media revolution.

We have provided assistance and technical support to dozens of web agencies that now meet the demands of thousands of customers through our services.

We worked behind the scenes to ensure maximum brand visibility, always marrying the cause of quality and reliability.

A choice that over time has infected more and more people. People who today are a network, have an organization and share an entrepreneurial project called Tetragono Hub.

Hub of skills.
Hub of professionals.

Tetragono Hub is a network of professionals who have decided to connect their experiences through an increasingly extensive and organized network.

Thanks to a constant search for new opportunities for cooperation Tetragono Hub is constantly renewed and updated, growing and adapting to the world around us, to explore and develop new solutions for the benefit of customers.

Common rules

The project was born as an organization led by a management team that connects independent competences and involves other organizations. An association between a structured core and an open, dynamic and collaborative extension.


In developing a new application we do not limit ourselves to taking care of the technical aspects but we also deal with usability, ergonomics, comprehensibility and ease of use.

Graphic Design

We produce ideas and creativity for communication. Then we transform them into images, sounds, layouts, posters and gadgets. We help our customers to enhance their advertising investments with original visual solutions and concepts.

Our experiences

We had the pleasure of working for over 200 companies, providing them with technologies, strategy, skills and assistance.


Let’s talk about!

Listening is the first step to understanding.
Understanding is the first step to doing a good job together.